Enlightenment means rising above thought not falling back with it. Thought cannot exist without consciousness, but Consciousness always independent from thought. Consiousness can exist where there is void of thought processes. Enlightment is living in consciousness parallel to thought process.

Zara Wisdom.

Main stream Media….

One thing that main stream media cannot give to the public in which alternative media gives the basics of truth in any issues. Alternative media changing the true color of our societies in spectacular ways. Alterrnative media is collection of ideas from ordinary peoples, whereas main stream media is controlled and manipulated the truth of an issue.

Zara Wisdom.

Race culture and ideas…

There is a vast difference between race and culture. Racially i am an indian  american but culturally I am none. whether it is east or west Therefore i am nobody. Being nobody gives me freedom of my thoughts an uninterrupted passage through time and existence. Race is an idea of illusion and culture is the condition of that ideas.

Zara Wisdom.

Unconscious Mind…

The journey of unconscious mind is so profound in which one cannot and to the point its utterly impossible to experience the same level of experience in our conscious life. All our true treasures of life and entire humanity is historically tied to unconscious mind.  Our very conscious life is the outcome of our unconscious mind and its mechanization. Therefore its every individuals ultimate responsibility to be aware of what  we do in our conscious life.

Zara Wisdom.


Experience  is the only source of our knowledge. The moment of our birth till death experience is the only thing is there.  One cannot escape from it, fake it, tag them  differently, still its experience and experiencing.  There is no formula or methods exists to separate experience and experiencer. Therefore just experience it.

Zara Wisdom.